Role: Production Manager

Everyman is at his peak; successful and loved by everyone, when suddenly Death comes calling. Deserted by friends, family and everything he’s built for himself, Everyman sets out on a final frantic search for a friend, anyone, to speak in his defence.

Everyman asks whether it is only at the end that we can truly understand our lives, exploring ‘both the frantic dizziness of a money-driven world and the beckoning finality of death’ (Guardian).

Award-winning poet and playwright Carol Ann Duffy’s thrilling contemporary adaptation of the fifteenth century play The Summoning of Everyman, is directed by Katherine Nesbitt.

Amanda Mascarenhas (set designer)
Vanessa Lingham (costume designer)
Lucy Glassbrook (movement director)
Simon Money (company voice work)
Annemette Verspeak (company voice work)
Josh Cole Brown (lighting designer)
Livia Brewster (sound designer)
Levi Meehan Powell (video designer)